AAJ at Open Streets Franklin

This weekend, Amy A Jewelry was out in the streets – Open Streets Franklin Avenue, that is.

As one of Springboard for the Arts‘ artists who was selected for their Ready Made platform, I was invited to set up a vendor table under Springboards’ tent.

Thank goodness for that tent (provided by Seward Community Co-op, one of the event sponsors)!
There were occasional storm bursts throughout the day, but they cooled the temp down and brought even more people into the tent – which gave us artists and the Springboard Career Consultants more opportunities to interact with event attendees.

I hadn’t attended an event as a vendor in the many many years since my young people were little people, I didn’t have the extra hands to help me carry things, so I brought what I could manage (more on that in an upcoming post). It felt like I brought too few of my pieces, but it turned out to be just the right amount.

It was fun getting back in the swing of being an artist-vendor. I met a lot of lovely people – other artists and new customers alike.

~ Amy

Celebrations and Milestones

Today is my 60th Birthday!!
Outside of milestones related to my jewelry art, I have rarely celebrated myself. But this one feels different, special, and I am so ready to dance into the next part of my life!

New Orleans and Mardi Gras are playing prominently in my celebration today:
One of my dear sister-friends from Tulane sent me a Praline Pecan King Cake from Joes Cafe LA – oh my stars, it’s delicious.

Then, the 2021 Mardi Gras poster I’d ordered from CeauxArtwork arrived, with a little somethin’ extra that just about had me in tears and definitely brought me back to watching the festivities from my grandmother’s stoop. Please do yourself a favor and check out his work for yourself.

Tonight I will enjoy the red beans I’ve been cooking for days (you heard me) while listening and dancing to a Mardi Gras music special put together by another one of my dear Tulane friends @kadoss114 on his weekly program FJS (funky, jazzy, smooth) with KD on Spreaker. Check his program out at 7 central, 8 eastern.
I also added an Aloe vera and a Venus flytrap to my plant baby family in my studio.

I’m looking forward to creating and celebrating more milestones this year.

Big Hugs and Onward!

~ Amy

The Celebration Begins

This past weekend, I posted this short video with the link to my birthday + Amy A Jewelry anniversary sale code.
Wait what – you haven’t subscribed to my newsletter? Then… how are you going to take advantage of my 40% off celebration? Check the link below this video to get in on the what’s happening at Amy A Jewelry first!

Click this link to sign up for my newsletter. I’m leaning toward most of them being in video form like this one and my first one.
Have a lovely day!
~ Amy

The Celebration Begins