Bar necklace with Blue Gemstones


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From the Into The Blue collection
The beautifully iridescent blue of the center Aqua Aura stone is the result of gold vapors being bombarded and infused into clear quartz. This amazing stone is flanked by shades of blue from fluorite, tourmaline, topaz, and chalcedony. The silver-colored leather necklace is attached to the necklace by faceted Moonstones and can adjust to hang as long as 30 inches.
Aqua Aura is one of the gemstones I discuss in Into The Blue -Three Gemstones of Serenity, an article published in Black Girl In Om(dot)com.
aqua aura, blue fluorite, blue tourmaline, blue topaz, blue chalcedony, moonstone, sterling silver, leather
width: 2 in / 5.08 cm
length: up to 30 in / 76.2 cm

Blue Chalcedony: nurturing energy that encourages creativity and a desire for learning.
Keep calm and glow.
What’s striking about Blue Chalcedony is how it glows. Its surface is a waxy lustre and it has this lovely internal glow that radiates a cool and soothing calm. It vibrates most frequently at the throat and the third eye chakra centers as a stone of calm, balance, inner knowledge, and communication. The cool calm energy of Blue Chalcedony is particularly useful to those who tend to worry because it helps us center ourselves. Once centered, Blue Chalcedony assists us in communicating with cool confidence. Cool confidence is a little more detached than the confident calm of gems like Larimar (discussed in the previous article). Cool confidence is you standing in your power and truly owning it from deep within, irrespective of how others perceive you and then projecting that confidence. Keep calm and glow.


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