Blue Motherboard with Blue Chalcedony drop


Blue computer motherboard pendant in a forged copper bezel, with a faceted Blue Chalcedony drop.

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The elements of this blue computer motherboard pendant are encased in transparent, eco-friendly resin and set in a forged copper bezel, with a glowing Blue Chalcedony drop gently swaying beneath it.

The glow of Chalcedony – in all its colors – is what is so striking about this gemstone. While its surface has a waxy luster, the internal glow radiates a cool and soothing calm, which is the energetic property most associated with Chalcedony. Blue Chalcedony is connected to the throat chakra and assists us in communicating with cool confidence.


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Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 3 × .5 × .75 in


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