Lapis Lazuli pendant with Aqua Aura


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This gorgeous hand-carved Lapis Lazuli sits in a pronged frame with a single large Aqua Aura dangle accent. The pendant’s minimalist design serves to accentuate the stunning patterns made by Pyrite and Calcite inclusions.

Lapis Lazuli vibrates most frequently at the throat and third eye chakra centers. It aids in our ability to expand our self-awareness. Lapis Lazuli that contains flecks of Pyrite is considered to be the finest grade of the gemstone. The Pyrite inclusions assist us in putting our expanding self-awareness into action. White Calcite has the ability to help clear negative energy, which opens up the way for more positive energy to flow.

Aqua Aura is natural Clear Quartz that has been bombarded with pure Gold vapors in a vacuum chamber. Is that not cool? Yes, yes it is!
In true Aqua Aura, the Gold doesn’t just coat the Clear Quartz, the atoms fuse to it, creating a lovely blue iridescent sheen. Aqua Aura vibrates most frequently at the third eye and throat chakra centers where it helps us clear heart-centered blocks so that we can communicate in a constructive manner.

This pendant is hung on a cord adjustable to 30 inches (color and material may vary).

All of the gemstones used by ACJ are natural and will have unique patterns. No two pendants will look exactly alike.
Hung on an adjustable black leather cord.
lapis lazuli, aqua aura, sterling silver



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