photo of a turquoise-colored wooden table with a blue box with star designs on it. The box has an assortment of jewelry-making pliers and other tools hanging off of its edges. A Magnolia tree seed pod and a pair of magnifying goggles are in front of the blue star box. There are other boxes and small torches around the table.

jewelry artist + gemstone intuitive + teaching artist.
revives surplus/discarded stuff and reclaimed metals,
then adds gemstones associated with myth, power, and healing.
pretty + powerful

Amy A Jewelry

a copper link bracelet make from a multi-colored assortment of faceted gemstone cubes.
gemstone link bracelet

Using metalsmithing, wire-working, and knotting techniques, Amy’s work taps into memory, culture, and heritage by reviving forgotten treasures (orphan earrings, vintage glass Mardi Gras beads, souvenirs, etc.) along with surplus or discarded items (computer elements, bra underwires, broken dishes), reclaimed metals, connecting them to gemstones that are associated with myth, power, and healing to create wearable, living stories.

Amy A Jewelry’s (formerly Amy Cousin Jewelry) two collections frequently borrow from and complete each other:

In the Gemstone Energy collection, Amy creates energetically connected jewelry using ethically sourced gemstones and reclaimed metals. Gemstone energy has been acknowledged and used throughout time and cultures. Gemstones have been used as energy sources, healing tools, as well as pretties that inspire and delight us. Amy’s Gemstone Energy pieces are not intended to do the work for the wearer, but to remind them to tap into that energetic association to find the power within the wearer – oh yes, it’s there!

The Revived Collection is all about taking the most unusual items, things that are often easily discarded such as computer motherboards, silverware, metal underwires for bras, car and bike parts, and vintage glass Mardi Gras beads. The more I work with these items, the more I draw on the memories of what they once meant to the owner. There are stories behind the elements of pieces in the Revived Collection, which makes them excellent conversation starters.

Both collections are created using recycled and reclaimed precious metals as well as gemstones that are sourced from ethical suppliers unless otherwise noted, as with some vintage elements.

about Amy Wilderson

I use all the tools, techniques, and materials that I can get my hands on.
~ Amy

Amy Wilderson is a Minneapolis-raised jewelry artist and teaching artist. 

Before focusing on jewelry as art, Amy owned and operated a brick & mortar book, gift, and art boutique in Minneapolis, Minnesota (Sirius Books and Essence) and in Rock Hill, South Carolina (Sirius Mind and Body), where she made jewelry as a sideline to the business. She also homeschooled her five children at the shops.

In her previous life, Amy worked at Zales Jewelers in New Orleans, Louisiana; was a consultant to the Women’s Bureau of The United States Department of Labor during the development of the Work and Family Clearinghouse, and was a Senior Community Health Worker for the Hennepin County Healthcare for the Homeless Project in Minneapolis.

Amy is the 2023 recipient of the Visual Arts Fund granted, from the Andy Warhol Foundation for Visual Arts through Midway Contemporary Art; a residency at the Minnesota African American Heritage Museum & Gallery, funded by Minnesota Humanities Center + COMPAS; and the Minnesota State Arts Board Creative Support for Individual Artists grant.
She is also a teaching artist, trained in Creative Aging (age 55+) techniques.
Amy graduated from Tulane University with a bachelor of arts degree in communication.

She is a 2022 Luminary Fellow as well as a member of the SistaSmiths jewelry artist collective, the Black In Jewelry Coalition, MN Artists, Metalsmith Society, COMPAS, and the Northside Artspace Lofts community.

Amy Wilderson is the past recipient of grants, fellowships and residencies from:
Stay Home Gallery
Minnesota State Arts Board
United States Artists
Springboard for the Arts
Luminary – NYC

Press, Events, & Exhibits

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